Welcome to Farhold

The world is new

Just three hundred years ago, the gods put people on the face of the world. Men, dwarves, elves, and halflings founded their great cities, delvings, woodhomes, and shires.

They explored their surroundings, created art, invented war, discovered peace, and developed craft.

They wrote history. And carved it into stone. And sang immortal songs of it. And wove it into their tales.

But it only goes back three centuries. Some elves still walk from the first day, and not even they can not tell you what came before.

The world is ancient

Everywhere the civilized people went, they found wonders had preceded them. Ruined cities stood empty of all but dust. Temples to unknown gods kept silent their unhallowed rites. Artifacts of unknown purpose, vast complexes of lost design, terrifying monsters of deep malevolence – these things are everywhere outside the relative safety of the civilized world.

The world is yours to take

On the eastern edge of the civilized world, lies the frontier outpost of Farhold.

West of here is home – friends, family, culture, comfort…but also debt, obligation, pain, and history.

East of here is the Vastness. An unexplored continent of unknown scope. East of here is opportunity, adventure, wealth, secret knowledge, power, all waiting to be taken…but also danger, death, pain and misery, dark knowledge, hideous monsters and cruel, desperate people.

What rumors drew you to the Vastness? What drives you to tread the paths East of Farhold?

East of Farhold